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Edinburgh: 0131 228 1926

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15 July 2019

Did you know you have the potential to access the wealth in your home for a variety of uses? As members of the Equity Release Council, McDougall McQueen can advise on equity release products.

11 July 2019

You could find that you bag a bargain by buying a repossessed home. However buying a repossessed property can also be a minefield and it is important to understand what to look out for.

5 July 2019

Whether you would like information regarding divorce proceedings or the opportunity to discuss child support and maintenance, seeking support from a qualified legal professional is the best way to receive the most honest and up-to-date advice.

5 July 2019

Moving up the property ladder is an important conquest for...

5 July 2019

If you love old, historic buildings and properties that have their own special bit of history, you may find yourself considering purchasing a historic home to live in. From quirky features that set it apart from a normal home to the unique charm and character that comes with it, there are many appealing benefits that come with buying a historic home.

3 July 2019

A basic Will, drafted by a lawyer, is not expensive, so people should not be lured into thinking that a DIY will is more affordable. DIY Wills often end up in Court at a later date and can have devastating effects on the family.

27 June 2019

Craig is the Commercial Partner of the firm and advises on business, property and commercial matters for clients across Scotland. He is also a non-exec Director of a number of other businesses and sits on the Board of the ESPC.

20 June 2019

Whether you are thinking of selling, or want to reduce your carbon footprint or save on your electricity bills, read our tips on how to improve your EPC rating.

11 June 2019

It is vital that everyone has an up to date Will in place, parents in particular, especially so that their children will benefit from any finances at the right time.

3 June 2019

Scotland; the frigid land to the North full of rugged coastlines, stunning vistas and a hearty, no-nonsense people. As a holiday destination, our beautiful country is on countless travellers’ lists and there are some who simply fall in love with what Scotland has to offer.

30 May 2019

Donald joined McDougall McQueen in April of this year and brings with him practical experience advising clients on both residential sales and purchases.

29 May 2019

Edinburgh has always offered high returns on buy-to-let investments with properties surrounding Holyrood Park in Edinburgh some of the best in Britain to buy-to-let.

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