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In response to the current outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), a lot of people are asking whether it is still a good time to be buying and selling or whether they should wait until the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has passed. Of course the virus will have an effect on the property market. People will be less likely to move around in the next few weeks but that should not stop plans being made to prepare for the inevitable return to normal.

Demand for property is extremely high and our Purchase team are working at full speed to achieve great purchases at great prices for clients. At present, there is huge demand and insufficient supply of properties to meet that. While the number of buyers may drop, that should not stop you achieving a good price for your property. At present the prices are fairly spectacular but, equally, as a purchaser, you then have to offer spectacular prices for your new property. If demand were to reduce by even half, the demand would still be considered to be very good. If there are less buyers in the marketplace, it is likely that there will also be less sellers. The fact is that, if you are selling in that scenario, you are likely also to be buying at the same time and in the same market conditions. If you achieve less for your sale, you will also buy at a lower price too. That might also make things a little easier for the first time buyer who has to come up with a slightly smaller deposit.

At McDougall McQueen, we have invested heavily in technology that allows us to continue to operate remotely through these uncertain times. We have now fully deployed our contingency planning to ensure that you can progress a sale or purchase of your next property. We are looking to continue to give you useful information on the value of your property. We are looking to the future when this awful period has passed.

Through our website, you can obtain an instant valuation of your property in 60 seconds. However, the nature of these instant valuations is that, although they give an approximation of the value, it is likely to be in the form of a range from £X to £Y. What we would like to offer now would be a comprehensive desktop valuation but this would require that you should give us more information on your property such as the address, type of property, number of rooms and the condition so that we can do some research into a more accurate valuation. If you were able to send us a photos or a video of the main rooms of your property, such as kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and lounge, together with an outside view and any garden ground ( if applicable) that would be especially helpful or, alternatively, we could view your property by Facetime or Whatsapp or Skype. We could then send you over our valuation figure together with some information on our comparison properties. We could also give you an estimate of the likely costs based on that approximate figure. As from 23rd March 2020 our restricted valuation service means that our valuers are still able to visit homes but only where no persons are present (other than to let them in etc) . They will take all necessary precautions such as hand sanitisation, social distancing etc to ensure their own and your safety. We would, however, request that you let us know if you or any member of your household is self-isolating or has developed any symptoms of Covid-19 prior to the arrival of the valuer, as we would be unable to carry out a valuation in such circumstances.

If we go through this process now, some of the work has already been done in anticipation of your wishing to hit the market quickly with your sale once the conditions improve.

If you are thinking of selling once things settle down and would like to take us up on this offer of a FREE service, please contact us via our request a free pre-sale valuation form.

If, however, you wish to commence your sale immediately, please be aware that we are continuing to place properties on the market for clients. We can do so for you too. We have put in place a number of measures to protect the business, our clients and viewers. For the time being, we are not advising that you should not conduct or attend property viewings. We do however, recommend that you take the advice on the NHS website and exercise common sense to minimise your risk and those of the community around you. We can advise you of our policy on viewings at any point in the process.

If you are thinking of selling in the near future, we will be there for you on property@mcdougallmcqueen.co.uk or on our telephone numbers 0131 228 1926 or 0131 240 3818. Your calls will be redirected to us even if we are working from home.

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