February 11, 2016

McDougall McQueen has been a member of Solicitors for Older People Scotland for many years. Working in partnership with Age Scotland, Solicitors for Older People is a group of Scottish law firms dedicated to providing legal services to older people in a caring and sensitive way.

We have found that many older clients put off doing things they know they really should do. Don’t fall into that trap, it makes things worse in the long run.

As part of the Family Care Package, we offer the following services to our clients (all of these are available with Legal Aid if you are eligible):

  • Power of Attorney: if you were too ill to make your own decisions then make sure that someone you love and trust has the power to do it for you, rather than it being left to a stranger picked by the state.
  • Wills: to ensure your wishes will be carried out after death and to avoid the kind of family disputes, financial worries and legal battles that can ensue when someone dies without a proper will, then ensure you have a Will in place. What is worse still is you could be leaving your estate to the government!
  • Advance Directive: make your choices known by having an Advance Directive in place, a clear statement to your doctors and relatives as to your wishes regarding healthcare and treatment should certain extreme conditions arise.

Speak to our dedicated team and let us help prepare for your future.