November 23, 2020

TV personality Kate Garraway’s family’s awful plight has been well documented throughout the pandemic, and recently she has spoken about the difficulties of managing practical arrangements whilst her husband is still in hospital fighting the aftermath of coronavirus.

Unfortunately nobody knows what is round the corner and it is important that we take control of our lives whilst we can and prepare for our future – whatever that may bring.

In the past, a Power of Attorney has often been associated with seniors who may be growing old, facing signs of dementia or unable to make decisions for themselves anymore. However, it is not just the elderly who should have a Power of Attorney.

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document and a way of giving someone else permission to make decisions about your money and property, as well as your health and personal welfare, should you be unable to look after your own affairs. This could be vital if you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself due to illness or serious accident. Unfortunately as Kate Garraway’s story has highlighted, this can happen to anyone at any time – from covid related illness to sudden strokes or sports accidents, nobody knows what is round the corner.

Kate has spoken very openly on Good Morning Britain about her financial worries and dealing with household finances and insurance policies, especially because her husband Derek is the named person on a number of bills and policies, making it extremely difficult for her to take control as she does not have a legal right to do so without a Power of Attorney in place.

If you have been putting off making a Will and appointing a Power of Attorney then now is the time to do it. Power of Attorney should not just be for the elderly or vulnerable – when it comes to our future we are all vulnerable.