April 6, 2021

As the days start to get longer and the evenings lighter, make sure your property has kerb appeal. The front exterior shot is the most commonly used photograph in estate agency listings, so you want it to appeal immediately. Kerb appeal is also important for viewings, whether formal viewings arranged by your solicitor estate agent or by potential viewers who may drive by a property to get a better idea of the street and area.

Here are some tips to ensure you attract as many viewers as possible:

1.Revamp the front door – make your house memorable and stand out from the rest on the street by painting your front door in a vibrant colour. According to a report by Dulux, it only takes 10 seconds for people to make a judgement about you when they see your front door. So, whether you go for a dynamic red, a calming green or a prestigious black, make sure your door colour works with the characteristics of the rest of your home.

2.Transform your home’s exterior – touching up brickwork with a lick of fresh paint can add instant kerb appeal.

3.Tidy up your pathway and front garden – easy access to your front door is key for viewers. Power wash your path, clear away weeds or broken paving stones, trim any overgrown bushes, and fix any broken gates or fences. A well-maintained front garden will give the impression straight away of a well-cared for house, both outside and in.

4.Outdoor lighting is as important for safety as it is for aesthetics. Check your external lights work and are switched on if viewers are visiting in the evenings. You could also add some fairy lights to the garden for a warm summer glow.

5.Hide the bins – nobody wants to see rubbish when they first see a property, even if it is in a bin. If you can, try and hide your bins down the side of the house or ensure they are neatly tidied away. Better still invest in a bin shed to hide them from view completely.

At McDougall McQueen we know the market inside out so if you are putting your property on the market, please get in touch for a free online valuation and some tips to ensure you market your home at its best.