How to prepare a house for sale

It cannot be stressed enough how important the first impression is when preparing a property for sale. Most prospective purchasers will make the decision to offer within the first few minutes of seeing a property, so never underestimate the importance of the first impressions.

A few suggestions:

  • tidy the front garden, mow the lawn and weed the flower borders
  • invest in some seasonal planters
  • paint the front door
  • polish the ironmongery.

Show a purchaser that you care! If the house has been cared for externally, then it stands to reason that it has been internally as well.

Inside the house, "less is best". You should aim to de-clutter and de-personalise.

  • Spring clean from top to bottom, in particular the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Smoking and pets can be offputting. Where pets are involved it may be necessary to have carpets professionally cleaned and when viewers arrive, please take the dog or cat for a walk.
  • Complete any outstanding maintenance jobs that you have planned and never got around to doing. Replace missing door handles, replace that leaky tap washer, re-grout the bathroom tiles (always a favourite for the surveyors to comment on) and invest in a new shower curtain.
  • If redecoration is necessary to cover those finger prints and poster marks, then stick to neutral colours for maximum appeal. Remember you are decorating to give that purchaser a good impression.
  • Perhaps invest in a new rug, bright cushions, fashionable lamp shades, new bed linen. Remember that once the property is sold, these accessories can be taken with you.

If some of these points are carried out, then we are confident your property can be marketed successfully and we will do our utmost to achieve your selling price.

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  • We found Allan McDougall's estate agency to be excellent. You had lots of advice and knowledge on the area in which we would like to buy. We very much appreciated that we could negotiate a deal for commission percentage to be competitive with other agencies we had used before and we felt that the schedules, photography and movie were of fantastic quality. The photographer used is brilliant. Carol Falconer and the property team were very very helpful, always on the phone with a friendly and pleasant manner. They handled all our calls quickly and efficiently. They have a great system for appointments and feed back from potential buyers. We liked how Allan McDougall followed up on prospective purchasers quickly. Our property sold very quickly and has been handled really well by the property team and latterly by the conveyancing team. We would definitely recommend Allan McDougall to friends and family.
  • I held on to a flyer from AMCD and when I was ready to put the house on the Market I contacted you. I said that there was an offer on the flyer which I had missed but I also came on the recommendation of two friends who had previously sold with AMCD. I was given another offer (delighted) and have been impressed by the way all aspects of the sale have been dealt with. You were calm and supportive and listened. I am sure I asked the same questions every I was called but Lorraine answered in a professional, caring manner every time. Will be happy to recommend AMCD in the future.
  • John Macintyre was particulary helpful in explaining what would happen, when & why in language that we easily understood. He made it a less stresfull experience and I would recommend him to any prospective client. I also must comment on the profesionalism of Jim Pendreich who guided us through the process of marketing the property. He kept it simple and easy to understand and was always available for any queries. A pleasure to deal with.
  • I have received outstanding customer service from your Property team. This is the first time I have put a house up for sale and you made it so stress free, keeping me updated daily with any information. Can't praise you all enough.

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