Scottish Government opens shared equity schemes to older buyers

There have been some significant changes to the criteria of the Scottish Government’s shared equity schemes and for the first time, older people will be able to access a range of home ownership schemes offered by the Scottish Government.


The Scottish Government is opening shared equity schemes to people aged 60 and over to extend access to affordable housing. These can remove the requirement for a mortgage contribution and make older people a priority access group. 


Older people will be able to access the:


  • Help to Buy scheme,
  • LIFT Open Market Shared Equity Scheme (OMSE), and
  • New Supply Shared Equity Scheme (NSSE). 


People are living longer, and these changes will allow older people access to the right type of home ownership and to continue living independently.


To be eligible for the schemes, people must be aged 60 or over and able to demonstrate a housing need to move and meet with the criteria for at least one of the following:


  • Under-occupation – the applicant is living in a property which is too large and needs to downsize
  • The applicant’s existing property is no longer suitable to meet their needs – (e.g.  they can no longer manage the stairs)
  • Support – the applicant needs to move closer to family or friends that provide care and support

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