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Using technology to make your home ‘greener’

Today’s property owners are serious about making their home more environmentally friendly. From fitting solar panels to creating your own compost, using energy efficient light bulbs to installing SMART meters, there are so many ways to improve the engineering of your home to make it a more eco-friendly place to live, and of course to add value when it comes to selling.

Energy saving devices to make your home more environmentally friendly no longer need to involve a major investment. Technology, available to everyone, is helping to make your home greener, sometimes without us even realising it.

A recent report showed that consumer electronics account for 13% of home energy use and can cost up to £145 a month by just being left to charge or left on standby. So remember to unplug your phone chargers, don’t leave your television on standby and think about how much water you put in the kettle before boiling it.

Eco-friendly washing machines can significantly reduce energy wastage, controlled energy-efficient lighting allows you to control your LED lighting from anywhere, likewise with controlled thermostats, and smart phones help you to see an overview on how you use your energy in the house and monitor your electricity usage accordingly.

Here are our 5 high tech tips to make your home greener:

1.    Save water with a specialised shower system

2.    Start composting with a food recycler, reducing all the food that ends up in landfill

3.    Install solar panels

4.    Reduce power usage with smart plugs

5.    Monitor your electricity usage via your smart phone

More people than ever before want to do their bit to protect the planet. Making environmentally friendly changes to your home will not only do your bit for the environment but could also add value to your property when it comes to selling.

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