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Don’t ignore your garden this winter

It is the New Year and we are all full of good intentions to get out a bit more, but with this chilly weather it is tempting to stay indoors next to the fire with a nice cuppa tea! A recent report showed that more than half of us completely abandon our gardens and fail to do any gardening throughout winter.

It is important to look after your garden throughout the winter, especially if you are thinking about selling your house in the next few months, as it can take a while to cultivate that green space again.

Here are some top tips to protect your garden from the typical cold Scottish winter:

  • If you have a shed or garage, then ensure you store away any garden furniture to protect it from the frost. If it needs to remain outside, protect it with a secure water and windproof covering.
  • Maintain your garden by tidying away leaves, trimming branches that may have become overgrown or loose, and fertilise your grass.
  • Make sure your plant beds are clear of all dead foliage and cut away any dead stems.
  • If you can, try and lift pots to prevent waterlogging and move any potted plants or vegetables indoors or to a sheltered area.
  • There are a few things you can plant, even at this time of year – such as onions, cabbage and lettuce which can all be sown in trays until you can transplant them into your outdoor beds in Spring.
  • Snowdrops and crocuses are also ideal to plant at this time of year and will add some colour to your beds.


Remember January is a key time to sell your property when demand tends to outweigh supply. First impressions count so prepare well now and you’ll be ready for welcoming viewers to your home.

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