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Country life or city living?

Whether it is an urban lifestyle you are after or a country retreat to enjoy the ‘good life’, there are pros and cons to be considered before you change your lifestyle drastically. They are two entirely different ways of life and if you are thinking of moving home to the countryside it is important you go in with your eyes wide open.

Country living pros:

  • It is cheap – well cheaper than living in a city, not just in relation to house prices but also for amenities. There are not as many fancy restaurants or shops to tempt you on a daily basis.
  • Space – there is space for you to enjoy away from your neighbours, for your kids to kick a football around, for your dog to run around freely. In the city space is a premium.
  • Fresh air – free from pollution and noise, you will even be able to hear the birds when you wake up and see the stars at night!
  • Crime is often less in the country rather than the city.
  • People work together and look out for one another, creating a greater sense of community. Yet living in the country can also make you stronger and more independent as a person.


City living pros:

  • The entire world is (almost) on your doorstep. From online shopping which you can receive the next day, to day trips to museums and galleries, to an unlimited choice of food establishments at your convenience.
  • Most cities have excellent public transport links so you can get wherever you want relatively quickly and cheaply, whatever the weather. It also saves the need (both financially and environmentally) for a car.
  • The variety of jobs and careers is wide.
  • Proximity to police, hospitals, emergency services and amenities can make you feel safer.
  • Phone and wifi reception are a given!


If you are considering a big move to the countryside, make sure you don’t paint a picture of the good life through rose-tinted glasses. It is a big change, especially if you are used to city conveniences – get your priorities right, from jobs to practicalities to family.

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