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How safe do you feel in your own home?

New research from home insurer, Policy Expert, has revealed that with more than 2.7 million homes being burgled in the past year, 12% of victims moved home after the incident, feeling they could no longer live in the property.

Whilst this may be extreme for some people, there are some things that security experts advise for making your living spaces more secure, so you can keep your possessions (and yourself) safer from the threat of burglary.

  1. Examine your front door for potential weaknesses. A strong and solid hardwood door with heavy duty locks will not only be harder to break in, but will give you peace of mind. If you live in a flat, make sure that the main communal entrance way is also secure at all times. And if you are renting, speak to the landlord if you don’t think the locks are secure.
  2. Install a burglar alarm, and make sure that it is in a prominent position outside the house to deter burglars. Surveillance cameras can also be a deterrent – whether they work or not!
  3. Do not leave car keys beside the front door as burglars could try to fish out the keys via the letterbox.
  4. Let there be light – use timers for lights and even tv’s to fool burglars into thinking your home is occupied.
  5. Be mindful of windows and sliding glass doors and always ensure they are locked securely. Even better if you can fit a motion sensor alarm to these so you can respond accordingly.
  6. Beware of the dog! Use warning signs. Burglars are looking for the easiest target, and they don’t want to risk being mauled by a Doberman, so even if you don’t have a dog (or you have a very friendly terrier), consider putting a “beware of dog” sign on your fence or front door.
  7. Do not announce when you are going on holiday! From posting on social media, to forgetting to cancel the post or milk, do not advertise that your house is empty.
  8. Get creative about hiding your valuables – don’t advertise your home as an ideal target for burglars with laptops, mobile phones, or other expensive items on show. Research has shown that burglars tend to look through bedside cabinets and drawers so be creative about where you hide your valuables.
  9. Keep your landscaping neat and trimmed and eliminate any potential places for burglars and intruders to lurk.
  10. Everybody needs good neighbours. Whether you are out for the night or away on holiday, if you have good neighbours they will keep an eye on any unusual activity.

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